Marcos D. Alves

These are (some) of the instruments we have at home: 2 x Ukuleles , 1 x Ukebass, 2 x guitars, 2 x electric guitars, 1 x cavaquinho. Out of the photo: Roland drums, cajon and bongo. I play the Ukes and the cavaquinho. My daughter is the percussionist and my wife is the singer.

First lesson from cavaquinho class: not all picks are suitable for this instrument; I never used picks before so I did not know they come in different materials and sizes and flexibility. So I ordered some sized 0.67mm, flexible, after seeking for recommendation on YouTube.

Sometimes your business depends on small details. This is a masking (washi) tape with Toy Story characters that I use to stick paper to the Silhouette Cameo cutting mat. Only these works for me, with the perfect amount of adhesive. Hard to find, only sold by Daiso.

Reading it again, now in Brazilian Portuguese.

Currently reading: Checklist by Atul Gawande 📚

Talking about subscriptions, I have defined a “Rule of 5” when evaluating a new app: if it costs more than USD5/month or takes me more than 5 minutes to understand how it works, it’s out. Exceptions may apply.