Marcos D Alves

Reading it again, now in Brazilian Portuguese.

Currently reading: Checklist by Atul Gawande 📚

Talking about subscriptions, I have defined a “Rule of 5” when evaluating a new app: if it costs more than USD5/month or takes me more than 5 minutes to understand how it works, it’s out. Exceptions may apply.

I had tested Ferdi/Ferdium in the past but never found a practical use for it. Now I see that it seems to be perfect as a control panel for Let’s see how it performs in daily use.

The Halist Browser AI ( is a project from Amir Salihefendic, Todoist founder and CEO, that adds interesting AI tools to Chrome, like answering emails, correcting spelling and grammar, and writing content. It is built with OpenAI GPT-3 and is worth a try.

Todoist does not yet offer the option to change icon color on desktop to match theme color. This (2y old) reddit post comes to the rescue:

My daughter´s Samsung smarphone is dying and she asked me for an iPhone. Interesting because she has never considered switching to iPhones before. I believe it´s because almost all of her friends at university own iPhones… What´s next? A MacBook?

A bit of nostalgy today. Things I miss:

  • Sliding rule;
  • Texas Instruments calculators (early 1980s)
  • Sinclair computers, from ZX80 to ZX Spectrum;
  • Apple IIc;
  • Casio BOSS PDAs;
  • Palm Pilot;
  • MSX computer;
  • Multimedia Kits;
  • BBS;
  • Basic, Pascal, Forth;
  • Geocities.

My daughter just arrived home with 2 more tattoos. It’s her body, she follows her mind but, for me, the other two she already had were enough.

RPN always! No standard calculators here and I’m extremely jealous of my HP calculators (11C and 12C).

Santo André, SP, Brasil